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42. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-24 6:10 AM)
STFU about the mainstreamers, honestly nobody gives a crap about your crusade against the manstreamers except the little monkleys that follow "LUL GENERAL MACKENZEE" or whoever that loser is!

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41. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-19 3:31 AM)
Oh my god you are so thick it is not even funny anymore.

Since when the fuck did i have a cow eh? You stupid or something?
And you lack the mental curity (sp) to get better insults!
And you heard of the expression "funny as hell"?

My god i am worried about your stupidity, honest.

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40. CARBUNCLES [Rossi_Command]   (2008-03-18 4:07 PM) E-mail
You have a cow so you must be a farmer and you said the pictures are as funny as hell and the only hell we know is Govan Hell!

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39. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-15 10:24 AM)

Is farmer the best you can come up with??
And when did i say your school is funny?

You sir should just get out the internet before something goes wrong with you and your friends!

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38. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-13 5:25 PM)
But i admit some of the pictures are funny as hell cool cool cool .

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37. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-13 5:08 PM)

*Leaves in triumph!*

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36. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-12 4:56 PM)
And also, why the heck do you need that many admins???
One or two or three is enough darn it.

Yup, proves society is slaughtered to the point of near extinction eh don't you think?

Iiya ai dzuki yononaka gozen i zen?

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35. Mr.Badguy   (2008-03-12 4:34 PM)
I have no idea why this website is complete utter classism?

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34. Cobra! [Cobra]   (2008-03-05 2:36 PM) E-mail

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33. CARBUNCLES [Rossi_Command]   (2008-03-05 11:25 AM) E-mail
And it was good of WebieJames to give me that 90's mainstreamer slime sample!

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32. General [Rossi_Command]   (2008-02-29 3:32 PM)
it's good to hear that Helen and James have joined the rossies welcome!!

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31. CARBUNCLES [Rossi_Command]   (2008-02-29 3:26 PM) E-mail
Exactly, mainstreamers can't think!

Fags is just a word to them!

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30. Cobra! [Cobra]   (2008-02-29 1:52 PM) E-mail
weird, I never new mainstreamers could think

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29. CARBUNCLES [Rossi_Command]   (2008-02-29 9:32 AM) E-mail
Exactly, mainstreamers think about nothing but cigaretts!

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28. HelenRock [HelenRock]   (2008-02-28 4:23 PM) E-mail
cool site

i agree with you about the main streamers they are all idiots

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