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Chemical Monster
[ ] 2010-06-20, 11:44 AM
Experiment #279, often known as the Chemical Monster, is a chemical experiment gone horribly wrong. It is a humanoid biped which consumes and consists entirely of various toxic chemicals.


Many centuries ago in a chemical factory, an experiment was being conducted to develop a new biochemical weapon. After mixing several chemicals together, the result was a strange amoeboid creature which appears to feed on chemicals. The amoeboid consumed the rest of the chemical mixture and within several days, it became the humanoid currently known as the Chemical Monster. The Rossies Retro Taskforce eventually found out about this so they faught their way into the chemical factory and attampted to destroy the Chemical Monster. However their attempt failed as the Chemical Monster escaped from the factory and was now able to roam anywhere, consuming everything it sees. The Chemical Monster currently roams the cities today where it is often captured by the krunkanites and sent to Govan Hell's E.T. Department for examination.


The Chemical Monster is often seen in forrested areas where It's behaviour appears to be similar to that of a parrot. When the Chemical Monster comes in contact with a living creature, it flaps It's arms and attacks it's victim. When the Chemical Monster has been tamed by a human, it often rests itself on the human's shoulder.

Attack Methods

The Chemical Monster mainly attacks it's victims by homing in on the target and latching onto the victim. It then attamps to consume it's victim by engulfing it in it's chemical body. With humanoid victims (such as humans and krunkanites), it may attack by homing in and using it's fist to jab it's victim's torso. The Chemical Monster also attacks by spitting acid from it's mouth and melting it's victims.
Category: Allies and Enemies | Added by: Rossi_Command
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