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Emperor Yunki
[ ] 2010-06-09, 12:42 PM
Emperor Yunki is a krunkanite who is the current emperor of the planet Krunkia. He is currently located on planet Earth in the krunkanite headquarters known to the public as Govan Hell.

Illustration of Emperor Yunki drawn
by a comrade of team Virtua Ross


Many years ago, Yunki was just the average krunkanite until their previous emperor, Faggi Makrakin, ordered a group of krunkanites to transform planet Tishu into a giant cigarette in 1983. They succeeded and the group of krunkanites engaged in a fight to the death to smoke the cigarette and become the new emperor of Krunkia. Yunki was the last surviving krunkanite of the fight and he became the new emperor. In 1989, a spacecraft (owned by a peaceful and technologically advanced alien race) landed on Krunkia. The aliens were unaware of the krunkanites' violent mentality and stepped out of their craft. The krunkanites then brutally attacked and raped the aliens to death for being on their territory and, along with Emperor Yunki, boarded the transport vessel, which had co-ordinates set for planet Earth. When they left Krunkia and traveled through space, they crash landed on Earth in an area known as Govan located in Glasgow, Scotland. Emperor Yunki then decided that this will be the next planet to be transformed into a giant cigarette. The emperor along with the other krunkanites used parts of the crashed transport as well as stolen technology they found on Earth to build a base which is known as Sol 3 Krunkanite Headquarters. It took them 13 years to build and they completed it in 2002.


Emperor Yunki is below 2ft in height and appears to be more deformed and mutated than most krunkanites observed by members of the Rossies Retro Taskforce. He is said to be "the shortest but most deadly krunkanite of them all". The emperor is usually seen holding a large nuclear cigarette which is nicknamed by the Rossies as the 'fag-saber' due to the emperor's resemblance of Yoda from Star Wars with his lightsaber.

Life Support

Emperor Yunki usually travels around his krunkanite base in a manned PSA disguised as a human. This PSA contains on-board life support systems which have been keeping him alive for over 30 years. The emperor is rarely seen outside of his PSA as it is believed that he will die of cancer if he is disconnected from his life support systems for as long as 15 minutes.


Emperor Yunki has not yet been observed in combat but according to Rossies: Night of the Living Neds (a flash game which Emperor Yunki made an appearance in), he uses his fag-saber as a weapon. When under fire, the emperor will smoke his fag-saber at the same time as using it to block the projectiles. Once he has finished smoking his fag-saber, he will blow out rings of radioactive cigarette smoke which will choke whoever breaths it.
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