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Rossies Dart Gun
[ ] 2010-01-30, 12:06 PM
The dart gun is a standard issue rossi weapon, and fast becoming the most popular multipurpose anti-personnel weapon used by the Rossies Retro Taskforce. Almost every member of the Rossies knows about the dart gun.

An image of a Rossies dart gun

Design and Customization
Common models of this weapon are baby guns which have been modified to fire darts. Others are made completely from scratch using procured parts. Every Rossies dart gun is uniquely designed and customised by it's user.
In the Rossies, dart guns are usually customised to suit different situations. A scope and/or suppressor might be attached to the dart gun during rossi operations. Depending on the enemy, the darts can be tipped with chemicals that are lethal to that particular enemy (e.g. krunkanites), or small EMP devices might be attached to the darts and used to destroy pieces of electronic machinery (e.g. PSA robots).

Dart Shotgun

If a rossi comrade happens to be surrounded by a group of enemies (possibly a gang of krunkanites), the answer would be to use a dart shotgun. This is a more basic version of a dart gun, however it uses shotgun cartridges containing the usual darts as ammo. When fired, it launches a cluster of darts at the desired enemy. This weapon made an appearance in the Rossies game, Night of the Living Neds.

Computerized illustration of a dart shotgun

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