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[ ] 2010-01-29, 3:51 PM
Krunkia is the tenth known planet in the Solar System. It is also the largest known dwarf planet and the ninth-largest body known to orbit the Sun directly. It is approximately 2,500 kilometres in diameter and 27% more massive than Pluto.
Krunkia has one moon, Dysnomia; recent observations have found no evidence of further satellites. The current distance from the Sun is 96.7 AU, roughly three times that of Pluto. With the exception of some comets the pair are the most distant known natural objects in the Solar System.

Image of planet Krunkia and it's moon Dysnomia,
taken by rossi satellites

Discovery and Designation
Krunkia was first discovered in January 2005, from images taken on October 2003. For a time, it was given many names including, 'The Tenth Planet', 'Planet X' and 'Xena', but it's only formal designation for that time being was the provisional designation of 2003UB313. It was later designated as 'Eris' on September 2006.

In 2008, the Rossies Retro Taskforce discovered that this planet was the origin of the primative alien species known as the krunkanites. As a result, the planet was designated by the Rossies as 'Krunkia'.

Surface and Atmosphere
According to satalite signals, Krunkia's ozone layer is depleted and the planet's radiation levels appear to be off the scale. The planet's surface is mostly black in color and the air appears to be heavily poluted with toxic chemical gases, including carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. Below the poluted skys, the harsh and rocky terrain of Krunkia's crust is stained with tar, nicotine and other nasty chemicals. Other parts of the surface are flooded with pools of boiling sulfuric acid. The surface is also littered with cigarette ends, buckfast bottles and pieces of old primitive technology, such as pipes and cogs. 

Krunkia's heavily polluted surface

Life on Krunkia
Krunkia is home to several species of mutant creatures such as kruncodiles, 'headless dogs' and a semi-sapient species known as the krunkanites. The planet is in habited by over 7,349,118,009 krunkanites. The krunkanites have adapted to the conditions so well that they are unable to survive for 3 minutes in clean air such as that of planet Earth.

Some technology found on Krunkia may be far greater than that of planet Earth. This is because the krunkanite inhabitants tend to steal technology from other planets and bring it back to Krunkia. Some of that technology is used in the vast cloning facilities and breeding chambers located all around the planet.

Image of a krunkarian cloning facility

Survival Data
It is advised not to go to this planet, but if you do, be sure to read this important information thoroughly.
Don't breath the air -- The poluted atmosphere of Krunkia is unbearable to humans, so it is advised to wear a hazmat suit before venturing out on the planets surface.
Wear suitable camouflage -- Black is advised since it is the same color as krunkia's tar-stained surface.
Beware of PSAs -- The Krunkarian Military may have PSA robots deployed in the area so beware. Their laser scanners can detect you and alert other krunkanites to your presence, however most of their PSAs have many design faults and tend to malfuction. Even so, be sure to keep your guard up.
Avoid detection -- You can barely see a thing in the poluted air of Krunkia, but just in case, be sure to avoid detection by krunkanites or PSAs.
If you are detected -- Get the Govan Hell out of there! You cannot fight a gang of 100 krunkanites bare-handed, or even with rossi issued weaponary.
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