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Main » 2008 » July » 8 » The Video Game Crash Of 2008
The Video Game Crash Of 2008
4:50 PM
You See, In 1983, there was this video game crash, when a lot of people stopped playing video games, Gaming Companies Got Bancrupt, no fun games to play anyway, Well Guess What, I think History's Repeating, Notice those Events Happen Today? Yes, I call this "The Video Game Crash Of 2008" notice the major gaming companies are dying, Sega, Namco, Imfogrammes, Atari, EA, I can go on and on, and are they any good games for any of these consoles, no, are any of the anticipated title look exiting, no! are a lot of People Playing the Modern Day Video Games, NO! NO! NO! History May Be Repeating My Fellow Comrades, This IS THE VIDEO GAME CRASH OF 2008! only they'd probably be no one to stop it, last time, Nintendo managed to save gaming, but now they're part of this crash! Gaming is dying for sure.
They're is no way to stop it I'm afraid, but don't let your gaming tastes go, stick to retro, that's the only thing to do.
Category: Mission Updates | Views: 571 | Added by: Cobra | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 7
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7 funwebstuff  

. Now can you tell me where can i find that atari game for pc that was about an electric guy fixing the wiring? I liked it. Now where did it go? I DONT KNOW! if you know it tell me.

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6 Cobra  
If it wasn't for Sony Cheating with the PS2's DVD player...

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5 Cobra  
yes because they don't focus on the games, it goes for Microsoft and Nintendo now, the featurs are just f*Cking bribes

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4 Rossi_Command  
if fact the the features that make the games crappy

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3 Rossi_Command  
Not just the games the PS3 has too many features, the wii breaks a lot and the 360 overheats too much

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2 Cobra  
I know, terrable!

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I know even Nintendo have became part of it this time.

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