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Main » 2008 » August » 19 » A Few Updates...
A Few Updates...
1:35 PM
Here's Somthing To Show That Game Boy Advance HAS 3D Games
Want Proof? Take This For Exanple:
(Yes BTW, That's My Video)

HOK saw a Mainstreamer Smoking a Joint, What's Next, Drugs, or Crack? Maybe Some Might Already Bo Smoking Crack and they must all be on drugs, OMG, This World Is Even Worse Than Before! Slightly, But You Get The Point.

HOK has Suggested We Have Walkie Talkies For Mission Purposes, and So I thought It was a Good Idea, so I Decided To Call Them "Rossi Talkies", And I hear That General Makenzie (Sorry If Spelt Wrong) Has Some.

And Finally, Since We All Agreed that the DS is a True Gaming System, We Like To Make It Part Of The Game Boy Series, Although It Was the Successor, From now On, It Shall Be Named By All Rossies, The "Game Boy Touch"! It Was Actually It;s Code Name, Why the F*ck Did They Change It In The Last Minute!?

Category: Rossi Armory | Views: 503 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 10
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10 funwebstuff  
Waste of code xP

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9 funwebstuff  
i didnt know that. But I still do not like E rated games because its either a puzzle or sumthin like that.

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That was the DS's code name before they changed it.

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7 Rossi_Command  
Game Boy Touch that's a really cool name BTW!!

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6 Cobrassecondaccount  

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5 Cobrassecondaccount  
it's called the Game Boy Touch, Remember?

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4 Rossi_Command  
most DS games are E rated but they are not wierd i mean the TV show game i hate them too and yes a better doctor who game would will be good but still the DS is cool with it's touch screen and it sure beats mobile phones!

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3 funwebstuff  
i dont like the graphics and the weird E rated games. Period.

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Hey don't mock the DS after all the graphics are clear enough and the games are playable. But the only thing I hate about the DS is the fact a lot of their games are just from those crappy TV shows on BBC. That includes a crappy attempt for a Doctor Who game and i hated it. But apart from that I like the DS and I still play it.

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1 funwebstuff  
nintendo DS kinda sucks... too low graphic dry

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