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Main » 2008 » August » 24 » YAY! SEGA ARE... Well.. In Someway Are Having New Consoles
YAY! SEGA ARE... Well.. In Someway Are Having New Consoles
6:54 PM
ok, As I already Told CARBUNCLES probably about 1,000,000 Times, For Everyione Else, They Might Be Realeasing a New Mega Drive Portable (YAY!) The Cost of a DS Game, Not Sure If It Might Be Realeased Here, But Let's Hope It Does, If It Doesn't... Well.. That's What Play-Asia's For.
Just Google "Mega Drive Portable" and you'll Se Some News, Trust Me.
Also a Certain Company Who Made the Sega Consoles, Had Permission From Them To Make a Master System 3, But This IS Just a Rumour, Hope It's True, If So, For the Modern Console, I Shall be a Sega Fanboy, In Retro, Still Will Be S, Sega, Nintendo, and PSone Guy, and Maybe an Atari Guy Too
Category: Other News | Views: 349 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 3
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3 funwebstuff  
hmmm.... The dead company to make new consoles??? I dont think im gona buy that portable drive... and i dont think anyone else (besides you) will buy it...... dry

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2 WebieJames  
portable mega drive sounds ok

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Yes Cobra! did tell me about a portable Mega Drive. Thats great because I used to have a Mega Drive. i probably still have it somewhere but i can't remember where. I had Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 and they were both great games.

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