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Main » 2008 » September » 26 » Rossies Game Version 1 Realeased
Rossies Game Version 1 Realeased
4:03 PM
I have Not Fully Completed Making The Game Yet, But Some Suggestions I got I can't Do Right Now, and CARBUNCLES Just had some suggestion for the game jhust even I published it, But This is good enough for now, right?

Here's The Game So Far:

Key Features:
Mainstreamer Will Throw Bricks At You
Shoot 20 and more will pop up at once
shoot over 60 and the end boss will appear
shoot him 20 times and he's dead
but he'll throw 3 bricks at a time every 2 seconds
and last but defenetly not the last, it offers a real challenge.

Version 2 Will include:
Govan Hell Doomsday Hall (When I find an Image)
Emporer Yunki Will Throw Fags instead of bricks
Emporer Yunki Will Say "Let The Fag Be With You" After a While a Few Times

Category: Other News | Views: 394 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 11 1 2 »
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11 WebieJames  
i played that mainstreamer game it was crazy. the mainstreamers like throw bricks at you and you shoot them. this is a classic

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I played the game on my dad's computer and I enjoyed it and the Emperor Yunki boss was quite a challenge.

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9 Rossi_Command  
Although you could have made them say more than just "geez a fag" lol

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8 Rossi_Command  
i shot 72 mainstreamers and drfeated Emporer Yunki haha i like this game

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ok I will and Gary, Emperor Yunki is supposed to be Short but Deadly just like the ICW videos.

And like it says on Jammaramma's rossi file "He is smaller than a human child and he is even smaller than a sontaran".

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6 Cobrassecondaccount  
and, ok carbuncles, could you send me an image of the govan hell doomsday hall, or at leat a drawing of it?

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5 Cobrassecondaccount  
well, emporer yunki is supposed to be small, he's the (bad) mainstreamer emporer

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4 gary  
but overall pass

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3 gary  
and Emporer Yunki should be a bit bigger

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2 gary  
played it completed it and i have to say meh

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