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Main » 2008 » October » 2 » Well, Whadya Know, 3D on scrath IS Possible, Well At least Psuedo 3D (and a little trivia about the 3DO and Laserdisc)
Well, Whadya Know, 3D on scrath IS Possible, Well At least Psuedo 3D (and a little trivia about the 3DO and Laserdisc)
4:41 PM
I Found Out About Some Scratch Users Are Trying 3D games and I found this 3D project, I thought I would Download It, Dig To The Roots and Find Out How It Works, But I already Have a Bit of an Idea of how it works.
For Those Who Don't Know What Psuedo 3D is, Look Up Some Panasonic 3DO games and you'll see what I mean, Just about every 3DO game is Pseudo 3D, Except Need For Speed, Which Was First Ever Full 3D Game.
If you Don't Know What a 3DO is, It's the First 32-bit system in america (for Japan It was the FM Towns Marty and For Here It Was the Commodore Amiga CD-32) and despite it being an entertainment system, it Actually had alot of great games going for it and at the time it was the strongest console, it had 2 tiny little problems, The fact it was an entertainment system, and that it was £700 at lauch, Yes, It's the 3rd Most Expensive Console Ever Made, 2nd Being the N-gage at about £2200 and 1st Being the Laser Disc, Costing £2500 (O_O) and combing that with the fact the laser disc had a very short life span, How Short? Well, It Only Had 2 Games.
So Anyway, I'm Gonna Try Doing a Sequal To The Rossies Games Once I Do Version 2 (Already? 0_0) and I'm gonna try the Psuedo 3D thing on Scratch.

Here's Psuedo 3D Shown On Scratch:


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