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If you are reading this comprehensive training guide, that means you are one of the lucky few who have been handpicked by our most exalted and capable founder, General McKenzie, to become one of our comrades. As a rossi comrade, you are expected to go beyond the call of duty and to carry out our main mission, to make things like they were back in the good old days before krunkrarian slime was around to to turn people into krunkanites, even at the means of handing over your soul and intelligence to the evil Emperor Yunki. This training guide will get you up to speed on all of the information you need. Make sure you commit it to memory before carrying out your mission. Good luck, comrade. We're counting on you!                             


Setting up a Base

Your team commander may be looking out spots to set up a rossi base camp. If you are in special ops it's advised that you scout the field and help your commander find vital base locations. It's always a good idea to have several bases set round the perimeter. This tactic will help you get better advantage of the enemy. Also it is advised that your base is kept secret and hidden from the enemy so they don't find out about your plans to defeat them.

Rossi Security

Never leave any valuable rossi property defenseless. If you own a base insure it has all the defenses it requires. First of all your base must be protected from the exterior. Put a barbed wire fence round the base and for even more protection, build a wall of corrugated metal behind it. Secondly, for the base entrance (if your base has an interior) have a keypad installed. And thirdly, defend the interior with floor pressure pads linked to an alarm system. If the area is infested with krunkanites, it is recomended that you place no-smoking signs around the base to repel them and keep them at bay.

Defending Yourself

It's a big bad world out there and during your mission you may encounter some unidentified foreign enemies, and the best way to defend yourself as a comrade is to carry a small but highly powerful toxic weapon, like a portable chemical attack dispenser. To defend yourself against krunkanites, you should always be armed with MRC chemical candies to repel them away. Chemical attack is the best form of defense, as a comrade. If your mission requires being in the dark you should always wear night vision goggles and carry a fully charged flash gun. If an enemy spots you aim the flash gun at him and fire it (if the enemy happens to be a krunkanite, he will be clueless of the weapon and probably run away).

Rossi Research

If you happen to be under command of our science officer, WebieJames, we advise you help with the research. What the Govan Hell is a krunkanite? What the torso is the Pyx? It's your job to help us find those answers. And if you are good with making gadgets try making something with spare parts or something you don't need. Be sure to make blueprints for it.


Good with computers? Know a lot about making rossi files? Well you'd likely end up in Team Virtua Ross and possibly visit the rossies site often. Well after gathering intel from WebieJames you should make a rossi file about it. This can be done through Movie Maker (we recommend for Windows XP as Windows Vista's errors can interfere with the project), voice recorder, or text.


The Rossies Retro Taskforce can make anything from salvaged parts, from a calculator modified into a multipurpose launcher to a PSA robot modified into a rocket powered unmanned vehicle. All of our equipment is designed and made at the Center of Advanced Rossi Research with the use of our modified technology (It's better technology than the PS3 anyways). Below are just a few of the many weapons and gadgets you will come across as you get to know the rossies.

Dart Gun

Standard issue rossi weapon, and fast becoming the most popular multipurpose anti-personnel weapon used by the rossies. Common models of this weapon are baby guns which have been modified to fire darts instead of laser cigaretts. Using this weapon with darts loaded with anti-kruncanite chemicals is just what you need to knock the heads off a gang of kruncanites, without fatalities. And if the weapon is too noisy, you can shut it up with a silencer.

MRC Chemical Candy

MRC stands for Mainstreamer Repelling Chemicals and does exactly what it says on the tin. This weapon is a small red pill which can be consumed by humans. It can repel kruncanites within a large radius of around 4 meters. Kruncanites effected by the chemicals will begin to choke and complain that the area smells like a hospital or a dental surgery.  Alpha Ross Chemical Developments, the developers of MRC, are upgrading the MRC Chemical Candy to be more powerful with the addition of more powerful chemicals. It's current upgrade is Phase II. This weapon comes standard issue to comrades living in kruncanite-infested areas.

Sonic Calculator

The sonic calculator is not exactly sonic, but is a must-have multipurpose weapon for rossi comrades going undercover. This weapon is a calculator modified into a multipurpose launcher that can fire anything small enough to fit into the ammunition chamber. The sonic calculator is useful in areas such as a school maths class as the weapon looks just like a calculator. This weapon was created by Jammaramma, a member of Team Virtua Ross, as his top secret weapon against the krunkanites in Govan Hell.

RCP (Rossi Computer Portable)
This Gadget is a mobile computer device modified from Sony's portable entertainment system, the PSP. The RCP can do everything a PSP can, so it can be used to store video and capture photographic rossi data with it's camera. Due to it's modifications, the RCP has a hidden rossies OS which can only be accessed by keying in a secret code. As well as other things, the OS allows the RCP to connect to an electronic device such as a security camera to view it. It can also connect to beings with a cybernetic link, such as the walking bag of bones we know as the Pyx.

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