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Category: Rossi Armory | Views: 408 | Date: 2016-05-16 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Alpha Ross Chemical Deveopments are developing a new MRC chemical candy known as the MRC Power Pill. This small sized pill (about the size of a penny) has all the powerful chemicals of Phase II and can repel kruncanites within a 2 meter radius.  although only 2m compared to the MRC Phase II, it's power (and size) makes up for it. It also contains anti-kruncarian chemicals which kill kruncanites if the chemicals are delivered by a dart gun. Any kruncanite from Michael Savage to dr.Killcare will think they are dying of swine flu as their organs turn to jelly (and kruncarian slime) and explode. The MRC Power Pill is perfect for those in kruncanite-infested areas. Chemical attack is the best form of defence against kruncanites!
Category: Rossi Armory | Views: 790 | Added by: Rossi_Command | Date: 2009-11-27 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Famous Chemical Manufacturers In the Name Of Lynx have come up with a new portable way to use chemicals, it's called the "Lynx Bullet", It's Useul for spraying chemicals at your eminmies (Michael Gothisbrainsavagedout, The Amercian Hulk/Skeleten Torso Etc.) when they least expect it, When your face to face with your enimey, with the portable chemical dispense in your pocket, when they least expect it, quickly pull it our and spary it at their face, and for half a day or so, they're face will smell of chemicals, now right now the chemicals contained can only last a day if you're lucky, probably because for the time being now, it's not able to contain the more powerful chemicals yet, and it runs out easily, so use it wisely, it's most useful for sneak spray attacks.

Here's a Picture Of Some:

General, This Weapon May Be Useful For Our Armoury.


Category: Rossi Armory | Views: 510 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2009-05-22 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (3)

Here's Somthing To Show That Game Boy Advance HAS 3D Games
Want Proof? Take This For Exanple:
(Yes BTW, That's My Video)

HOK saw a Mainstreamer Smoking a Joint, What's Next, Drugs, or Crack? Maybe Some Might Already Bo Smoking Crack and they must all be on drugs, OMG, This World Is Even Worse Than Before! Slightly, But You Get The Point.

HOK has Suggested We Have Walkie Talkies For Mission Purposes, and So I thought It was a Good Idea, so I Decided To Call Them "Rossi Talkies", And I hear That General Makenzie (Sorry If Spelt Wrong) Has Some.

And Finally, Since We All Agreed that the DS is a True Gaming System, We Like To Make It Part Of The Game Boy Series, Although It Was the Successor, From now On, It Shall Be Named By All Rossies, The "Game Boy Touch"! It Was Actually It;s Code Name, Why the F*ck Did They Change It In The Last Minute!?

Category: Rossi Armory | Views: 515 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2008-08-19 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (10)

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