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Main » 2008 » September » 6 » Govan Hell News: Bird Rape Incident
Govan Hell News: Bird Rape Incident
3:16 PM
At Govan High school we noticed a lot of birds were being killed. This happened just a few weeks ago. First we saw a dead pigeon covered in blood with it's eyes popped out. At first Cobra thought a mainstreamer killed the pigeon with a cigarette machine gun because it didn't give him a fag but what we saw yesterday and today was much worse and more sick than ever. Yesterday we saw another dead bird with feathers everywhere and a used condom lying next to it. As HeroOfKavatch told us they don't shoot the birds they rape them. HOW THE GOVAN HELL CAN A MAINSTREAMER BE SO SICK AND TWISTED!!! And today we followed a trail of feathers to another raped bird. It looked like he started raping the bird behind the bush and dragged it behind the pond to rape it more untill the bird was dead. I guess the mainstreamer who done it was a GTA4 addict and wanted to rape someone (or something) or maybe a non-mainstreamer (Proper Human Beings) mentioned seeing the bird and the mainstreamer mistook the definition of "bird" and thought he ment a female mainstreamer so tryed to have s** with it. How stupid is that?
Category: Mission Updates | Views: 597 | Added by: Rossi_Command | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 2
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2 funwebstuff  
Theres a problem with your theory.UMM how could they catch a bird in the first place. well if they did, probably it was a bunch of 16 yr olds

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1 Rossi_Command  
lol bird rape XD

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