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Main » 2009 » January » 9 » 360 foreva
360 foreva
4:03 PM

360 Foreva! Seriously, my PC lags like hell so 360 is the best choice! If you like the wii, look at the tech specs. You will find out that the processor there is total crap (one processor, 767 MHz or something), my dual core + vista pc ( worst combo EVER) could do better. And the ram and video memory leaves a lot to be desired. and the PS3 is just less powerful than the 360. Just type
"360 vs ps3" and there will be a website that will compare the tech specs of the two consoles. 360 is winning!
Views: 520 | Added by: funwebstuff | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 5
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5 Cobrassecondaccount  
as I said, it can't play much xbox origonal games, and too much focus (round about 99.9% of it) is going towards the features, they shouldn't even be there, hence the term "GAMES Consoles", and too many games are FPSes (We DO need Variety Y'now) it just ruins it. besides, just because you PC Lags, doesn't mean that you can pick a next-gen console at random and say it's the best, it's like, say, my PC f*cks up, I wouldn't just go all of a sudden ranting "PS3 RULES!" now would I?

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4 funwebstuff  
pc lags. What is wrong with 360 anyway? works just fine

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3 Cobrassecondaccount  
actually, it can play only a small percentage on origonal xbox games, besides, 360's games suck scaley balls, and you can just get oblivion on PC anyway.

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2 funwebstuff  
Dude... that xbox can play the original xbox games. Plus,ES 4:oblivion is a must-play game. smile

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1 Cobrassecondaccount  
There Was an Xbox Before This, Play That, That's Much Better, At Least Play PS2, Just Somethig That's Not Next-Gen or CD-i.

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