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Main » 2009 » June » 8 » Hulu Taking Over Youtube
Hulu Taking Over Youtube
3:21 PM
People keep telling me that YouTube is going to become Hulu tube. If this is true well they are going too far. Youtube is pissing me off whith their stupid copright and that they don't allow me to watch certan videos cause i'm not american. YOUTUBE IS BEING RACIST NOW!!!!  Also they keep adding features to the site like HD mode. WHATS THE POINT IF YOUR PC DOESN'T SUPPORT HD!!! besides HD lags like hell on any PC i tryed it on. Another is the beta channel design, which f**king sucks! With the old design you could costomise your channel anyway you want. friends section left or right, channel comments up or down, add or remove sections and add your own background. But with the beta design you can't and besides the videos and different colors every channel looks the same. But why make a new youtube design when everyone likes it the way it already is? Well youtube started with little changes but now they are changing the big things.they are updating the channels because they want that every single little channel looking the same but Partners will have full ability to design their channel into something special so that people who are not that experienced with Youtube will see whos the little guy and the big guy. YOUTUBE ARE JUST RETARDED!!!!

About hulutube, well hulu is going to turn Youtube into a video site for TV shows and commercials. I actually wen't onto hulu site it's self and tryed to watch a video  and GUESS WHAT!!! THE VIDEOS ARE FOR U.S. ONLY!!! so i can't watch any of their videos cause i'm not american. AGAIN!!! So i bet the same will happen to Hulu Tube. Also thier will be a tab called 'videos' which will consist of the youtube site so all of Youtube will be stuck in the last tab, videos as an after thought. And there doing this to introduce bigger companies like Disney, who want all the credit. This will be the final change Youtube will make to make the smaller Youtube users almost invisible.

Some people on YouTube said they are leaving youtube and going to dailymotion. If you are pissed off by hulutube and want to move to dailymotion, here's the link to the site:

I'm not used to this site and I barely go on it as i still prefare Youtube. But it's better as they allow 20 minutes of video instead of just 10 and they don't have that stupid copyright policy.

Anyway i'm really mad at youtube for doing this. I wish they just keep youtube the way it was back in 2006 i liked it that way.

And here's a video about what's happening with Hulu Tube:

Thats all I know about Hulu Tube

Team Alpha Ross
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