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Main » 2010 » July » 9 » Rossies 2 Development Blog (8/7/10)
Rossies 2 Development Blog (8/7/10)
4:30 PM
Hi guys, I thought it'd make a Development Blog for my upcoming games, this will be a new article series. Hey, it keeps me updating the site, right? Now I only there's someone who actually reads these...

Anyway, I'm having a some problems with the coding, as I can't get the Kruncanites to show/draw, usually at this point I'd give up, but I'm not, I'm surprised by that as well, anyway, I'm looking into that problem, but everything else is working fine, and this game has a new convienient feature that the origonal didn't, it actually PAUSES! That's right, I managed to get the game to pause properly, so that's an improvement. I could never do that on Scratch, well maybe I could, I'll try for the Scratch version of Rossies 2, but let's not get off topic.

As for other changes/improvements to the origonal, some of which have already been made, and the rest I have already started working on:
  • It will have a menu screen with more game modes
  • It will features custom made sprites and music, I'm gonna make sure everything custom built, I don't wanna infringe any copyright, it's gonna be on Steam (Hopefully) and Xbox Live Arcade, and I'm gonna be making money from this y'now, I could actually get sued by using 3rd party content, so I better be especially careful.
  • It will have a higher resolution: The origonal had a 480 x 360 resolution, Rossies 2 will have a 1280 x 720 resolution, huge improvement, isn't it?
  • More overall content, Scratch only allows up to 10mb, XNA allows up to 150mb, not to mention the games take up less space, This game gives a great example of this, The Scratch version of Rossies 2 so far is 6.54mb, the PC/Xbox 360/Zune version of Rossies 2 as it is right now is only 5.45kb, I'm not joking!
So far I only have the Gun on the screen and the background, even then, the Gun doesn't animate perfectly, but for a Betas sake, it'll do for now. Here's a Screenshot:

Looking alright, isn't it? Sure, it's not using those "custom made" images I mentioned erlier, but those are for later, right now, I'm focusing on the gameplay, no point doing otherwise, I would bore you to death explaining now, but it's best that  leave it.

Also, I've made a new logo for the game, I've basicly grabed the Rossies logo, and added a 2, not much, but I thought I'd show you it anyway:

So, that's it for todays blog, cya next time!

Oh, and one more thing, I want to contact General Mckenzie or at least someone who's been with the Rossies since it started, in anyway I can (Preferably MSN or AIM) so we can discuss plans for storylines for future rossies games, I want to get some info about Rossies when it first started, because I wanna make a rossies game that takes plaace when it was first founded, before any of this Kruncrarian shenanigans.
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