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Ok comrades we have a few announcements to make!

First of all the site has been cleaned up a bit. That krunkanite from the Lunatic FAG Cave spammed the forum and left some offensive, and rather disgusting messages. I found one of the messages rather disturbing. It said: "Yo FUn wEb Stuff I Did what YOU told me to DO I Spammed there shit site LOLZ". Since when was Funwebstuff involved? Im not sure. . . i'm confused here.

Secondly, we have 2 new comrades. I'm not gonna mention their real names but their official Rossies codenames are soon so be announced. Be sure to welcome them to the Rossies Retro Taskforce.

And thirdly,  Alpha Ross Chemical Developments have created the MRC Phase 2. The new Phase 2 is 4 times more powerful as it contains a chemical which causes the odor to cling to surfaces and lye dormant. As well as a powerful chemical which causes the gases to spread further and become more powerful, able to repel enemies from 4m of its radius. ARC Ross Chemical Developments are a small group in the Rossies who specialise in chemicals. They are known for their slogan, "We use only the finest chemicals".

And that's our announcments.

Team Aipha Ross, command of the Rossies Retro Taskforce
Category: Announcements | Views: 490 | Added by: Rossi_Command | Date: 2009-05-05 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (3)

Windows Vista, the most unreliable operating system ever. It makes your PC lag like hell and it causes bugs and viruses. It is a living parasite that uses up all the memory. IT SUCKS XPs BALLZ!!!! here are some of the reasons why it sucks, now these are just some of them.  

1) Hardware dosn't work properly on vista.

2) Vista PCs get slower and slower within weeks

3) It's incredibly slow and unreliable, not as slow as PS3 but still.

4) You need 4 gigabite ram to make the thing fast enough

5) Click on something while it trys to load the sccreen turns white and you get the message (not responding) and you have close  the program

6) PC games lag like hell on vista.

7) Firefox runs 10x faster than IE7 on vista

8) Movie Maker on vista crashes if you make a video too long or use to many effects

9) the bluescreen of death happens more than ever with vista PCs

10) there are so many versions of Vista and this can be confusing to people

11) its aero design looks cool but uses up too much resourses. i recomend you turn off transparency or use vista basic theme

12) most files don't work on vista and need extra programs to "support" them

13) the side bar is another resource hog

14) the windows search is messed up and very inacturate

15) A vista computer might have to be booted twice as it sometimes crashes during booting

16) Destroys the quality of DVD movies

17) usualy comes with usless stuff you end up deleting to make more space and to make it faster

18) Doesn't recognise files properly.

19) vista sucks XPs balls

Views: 408 | Added by: Rossi_Command | Date: 2009-05-05 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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