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Main » 2010 » January » 27
Here we are, I've finally ended my continuos updating to this game, I think it needs a rest
So anyway, here it is:
Scratch Project
...and yes, again with using the darn image, don't blame me, blame scratch, they're applet thing doesn't work, but I'm sure they'll fix that bug... soon...

Lemme guess, you all want an actual sequal, right? WELL... ok, once I get my new game making software for my birthday (a working Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, Actualy paid for instead of torrent downloaded, and yes, I'm aware that it's £250!) I'll start off with Rossies 2, It will include more than 1 level this time (yay...?) and a "free mode" which allows you to just keep on shooting cruncanites untill you die, the point in this is, It'll have a scoreboard system, that was what gave me the idea, all the cool features in this upgrade and previous ones will be included (I'll let you guy, fellow Rossi compades, decide on that), with over 50 Quotes this time (this version of Rossies 1 has EXACTLY 50), why am I so sure? because I just thought up more quotes to add just as I published this one, so I decided to forget it and add them to Rossies 2 once I get to making that (that is IF I remember them, but I have a pretty good memory though, so I don't think I'll forget them), Rossies 2 will also include Rossie files as cutscenes. That's all I have planned for it actually, but y'now it's still in pre-production, so I have plenety of time to think of more stuff.
Untill then...
Category: Rossi News | Views: 739 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2010-01-27 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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