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Hey, it's Cobra!, co-founder of "Virtua Ross".

This site is pretty much abandoned now, I'm guessing, after all the events that happened on it, I don't blame anyone. Just to let youse know, I've started to make Rossies 2 as well, and plan on making a Rossies 3D afterwards, and they will be released on PC-CD/DVD, Steam, Desura and Xbox Live, the reason I'm saying this is because I'm scared Ross, or any other Rossi member wouldn't approve of the idea, I don't know, I guess if someone took an old franchise of mine, sold it and made money off it, I'd be p*ssed off as well, rest assured, I'm not doing it for the money.

The reason I'm posting this is because I would want approval to do this, or even come into contact with the general, who knows? I guess since I was Rossi member, I'd be okay, but I'm playing it safe. Do youse approve of the idea? Can I talk to Ross about it?

I highly doubt this will get a reply, but it wouldn't kill to try, right?
Category: Other News | Views: 1958 | Date: 2012-11-24 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

It's definitely been a while since someone posted here, or since anything has happened for that matter, what happened, the site's been dead for like 2 years, ah well, I might as well post it anyway.

After a month of trying to publish it, the Rossies 2 demo is out now and available for download!
I finally fixed the problem I was having.

By this point, most of yous are starting to think I'm bluffing about all this and that I'm not actually making a game, but this demo should hopefully prove that I HAVE done something. Ok, sure, it took a hell of a long time, and it may not be worth it in the end, but at least it'll prove that I've been working on something, and that I'm not just sitting on my A*se all day playing video games.

Please keep in mind however, this demo is to showcase the gameplay and how much faster it is, the graphics haven't changed much, only the shotgun, I'm going to release another demo with the improved graphics closer to the full game's release.

To play the demo, go to the Gamerstorm Website at http://www.gamer-storm.co.nr and click on the Rossies 2 logo, then click on "Demo", but remember to read the instructions first, or you can click here: http://www.gamerstorm.elementfx.com/Rossies 2/Rossies 2 Demo 0.5.zip
Category: Announcements | Views: 1889 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2011-05-21 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Hi guys, I thought it'd make a Development Blog for my upcoming games, this will be a new article series. Hey, it keeps me updating the site, right? Now I only there's someone who actually reads these...

Anyway, I'm having a some problems with the coding, as I can't get the Kruncanites to show/draw, usually at this point I'd give up, but I'm not, I'm surprised by that as well, anyway, I'm looking into that problem, but everything else is working fine, and this game has a new convienient feature that the origonal didn't, it actually PAUSES! That's right, I managed to get the game to pause properly, so that's an improvement. I could never do that on Scratch, well maybe I could, I'll try for the Scratch version of Rossies 2, but let's not get off topic.

As for other changes/improvements to the origonal, some of which have already been made, and the rest I have already started working on:
  • It will have a menu screen with more game modes
  • It will features custom made sprites and music, I'm gonna make sure everything custom built, I don't wanna infringe any copyright, it's gonna be on Steam (Hopefully) and Xbox Live Arcade, and I'm gonna be making money from this y'now, I could actually get sued by using 3rd party content, so I better be especially careful.
  • It will have a higher resolution: The origonal had a 480 x 360 resolution, Rossies 2 will have a 1280 x 720 resolution, huge improvement, isn't it?
  • More overall content, Scratch only allows up to 10mb, XNA allows up to 150mb, not to mention the games take up less space, This game gives a great example of this, The Scratch version of Rossies 2 so far is 6.54mb, the PC/Xbox 360/Zune version of Rossies 2 as it is right now is only 5.45kb, I'm not joking!
So far I only have the Gun on the screen and the background, even then, the Gun doesn't animate perfectly, but for a Betas sake, it'll do for now. Here's a Screenshot:

Looking alright, isn't it? Sure, it's not using those "custom made" images I mentioned erlier, but those are for later, right now, I'm focusing on the gameplay, no point doing otherwise, I would bore you to death explaining now, but it's best that  leave it.

Also, I've made a new logo for the game, I've basicly grabed the Rossies logo, and added a 2, not much, but I thought I'd show you it anyway:

So, that's it for todays blog, cya next time!

Oh, and one more thing, I want to contact General Mckenzie or at least someone who's been with the Rossies since it started, in anyway I can (Preferably MSN or AIM) so we can discuss plans for storylines for future rossies games, I want to get some info about Rossies when it first started, because I wanna make a rossies game that takes plaace when it was first founded, before any of this Kruncrarian shenanigans.
Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2
Category: Rossi News | Views: 1348 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2010-07-08 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Just a quick(ish) update, as I've been messing around C# for a while, I found an add-on called "XNA Game Studio" Which Allows me to develop Xbox 360 games, I'm not too fond of the console, but still, wow, I can develop console game. If I have apporval from the General himself, I might make an Xbox 360 Port to Rossies 3D when I go and make that. (Don't worry, Rossies 2 isn't cancelled, and I'll do anything I can to make sure it comes out!)

I've been taking a part time course on beginners C#, and while I was fiddling about with it a few days ago, I came across this add-on called "XNA game studio" which allows me to Make Proper Windows and Xbox 360 Games.

So yeah, It's really hard, but I'm dedicated to do it!

For more information, click here: http://www.gamerstorm.ucoz.net/news/gamerstorm_games_on_xbox_live_arcade/2010-05-31-272

Category: Rossi News | Views: 1235 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2010-06-01 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Today is the 20th of May 2010, which is Torso Appreciation Day. As the name suggests, you must do something to appreciate all the Pyxes around the world, Big Mama, the "children" and anything else 'Pyx' to celebrate Torso Appreciation Day.

For Torso Appreciation Day, I decided to design my own version of the MGS4 cover, featuring the Pyx (or skeleton torso, big boss, the corpse or whatever you call it). I changed the title, calling it "Plastic Cog Soft 4: Packaging of the Skeleton Torso".
Here it is...

What will YOU do for Torso Appreciation Day?
Category: Announcements | Views: 1316 | Added by: CARBUNCLES | Date: 2010-05-20 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Here It Is... Sort of... The Kruncrarian Translator!
Ok, I decided since 1. I wasn't doing anything with it, and 2. Other companies release their BETA translators anyway, so It's not too much of a surprise, right?... Right?...
Anyway, Here's the Translator, be sure to read the project notes, I can't be bothered re-typing it here:
Learn more about this project
As For Rossies 2. Yep, That's Right! The Infamous Rossies game will FINALLY get a sequal!
now Rossies 2 will have 2 differant versions, PC CD/Downloadable and Scratch. Both version have differant subtitles, the Scratch version will be called "Rossies 2: Sean Of The Ned", and the PC CD/Downloadble Version will be called "Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back", Why? Well, because while essentially, they'll be the same game, one version will be far more complex than the other. 
  • The PC CD/Downloadable Version, Which will be coded using C#, will have a story mode with cutscenes and stuff and a "Free Mode" with 2 additonal modes "Timed" and "Survival", Timed is basicly Shooting as many neds as you an within the time limit, Survival is Shooting as many neds before dying, and it will get harder as you go along, and if you're lucky, both modes wil have an online leaderboard, that has yet to be confirmed though.
  • The Scratch Version However, Using, What else, Scratch Language I guess you could call it, will only be the Survival Free Mode, as even the alpha for the game I'm working on right now has a pretty slow framerate and the file size is rising pretty quickly.
That's all the Info I have on that so far, more info will be coming soon, not to a PC near you...
Views: 1202 | Added by: Cobrassecondaccount | Date: 2010-04-04 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

OK, well the whole "hulutube" thing didn't happen, but all thanks to Google, YouTube has been full of fail lately. Google have managed to f**k up YouTube in many other ways. For a start, they keep changing stuff about on Youtube and making it suck more. Why change the site when everyone liked it the way it was? They keep changing the layout all the time. They change the layout everyone liked to one that sucks. I can't believe they got rid of the big yellow subscribe button at the top of the page, wasn't that one of YouTube's trademarks? And the new page they removed the 5 star rating system and raplaced it with like/dislike. Yeah well i dislike the new layout. Seriously, the new design sucks. Theres another thing that really pissed me off. I keep going on Youtube only to get a message reading "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable". This happens like every day i go on the site. I really hope this is all an April Fools joke because me, my fellow rossi comrades and everyone else are pissed off at what Google is doing to our favorite video site. Google, stop messing around with Youtube, and change it back the way everyone liked it!

Category: Other News | Views: 1188 | Added by: Rossi_Command | Date: 2010-04-02 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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